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Hey there.

"Simple" Spencer here.

If I had a time machine, I would seriously go back in time and teach myself this EXACT system.

I know how much time and headache it would've saved me.

I realize there is a TON of garbage courses out there right now...
And I know how 'sexy' and 'shiny' some of it looks..

Sorry to break it to ya (actually I'm not sorry, you NEED TO KNOW THIS...) and that is that 99% of the products out there won't do a damn thing for your PayPal account / bank account.

Simply because many of these vendors love to continue to send you SMOKE and MIRRORS.

It's how they pay their bills.

But the sky isn't falling.. especially since you are on this page right now.

I want to make sure you avoid all of the pitfalls so that you can get results once and for all.. Truly Life Changing RESULTS that you can write home about.

I'm not showing that PayPal balance to brag or boast.

I'm showing you it so you can see what's possible when you finally have the RIGHT system in your hands. I have figured out that exact system (and boy did it take me YEARS of trial and error to figure out.)

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The results you saw above speak for themselves.

This is exactly what I’d do if I were about to be on the streets… or if I just wanted to free myself from a 9 to 5 job.

Without this system my PayPal balance would be ZERO instead of $42,000+.

And even if you made just 10% of what I'm making, then that's a $4200 balance.

4200 bucks.. what would that do for you in your life right now?

And imagine if you were making that every single month.. 4.2k. Would that help your current situation at all? Would that allow you to quit your day job? Would that allow you to pay off some debts, or go on that trip? Chances are it would.

And I want that for you. I mean that. Wait wait wait.. someone is actually in your corner right now?? Unheard of, right?

It's true. I'm in your corner. I want you to succeed. Big time. I love getting testimonials and success stories (I've created hundreds). My success is your success. So it's a win-win situation all around.

When you login to your inbox, and see THIS, you instantly have peace of mind...

It's so EASY to hit 3k/mo, 5k/mo or even 10k/mo when you have the right system.

And this right here is that system...

And I'm calling it:

"The 3k Ignition System"

That name seems appropriate since this is the FASTEST and most SUREFIRE way to get you to the 3k/mo mark and beyond.

With the secrets inside this, you simply cannot lose.

Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what you're getting:

  • Week 1: The Prep + Overview
    I really want you to hit the ground sprinting here in Week 1. That's why I'm pulling back the curtain and revealing some of my best-kept secrets to help you get started. You'll also get a bird's eye view of the entire 3k Ignition system.
  • Week 2: Push GO & Profit
    I want you to get today's investment back and then some so that you aren't in the red. I want you in the green ASAP. That is why the main focus of this second week will be on a super SIMPLE strategy to 5x to 10x your investment.
  • Week 3: The Job Killer System
    The title says it all. You will never think about going back to a 9 to 5 job once you know these secret strategies. Other successful marketers refuse to tell you this stuff. But not me. No stone will be left unturned so that you too can finally have your own breakthrough!
  • Week 4: Next Level Strategies
    This week is all about taking your income to the NEXT level. I myself failed to implement this stuff for several years and I left a TON of money on the table. You won't be making the same mistakes I made when you're armed with these strategies.
  • Week 5: The Game Changer
    This week is all about maintaining a steady game-changing CASHFLOW each and every month.
  • Week 6: Big Boy Paydays
    Want to graduate to 6 and even 7 figures per year? When you go thru the secrets in this week, you'll see exactly what separates the wannabes and newbies from those who are really running an online biz the right way.

As you can see, Week 1 and Week 2 will be the ‘fast cash’ rounds so you can quickly 5x to 10x your investment.

And Weeks 3 thru 6 will take you to even HIGHER income levels.

And there are no surprises (OTOs or upsells) on the other side. Just this main front end product is all you need to easily reach $3k/mo and higher.

And I’m also tossing in these bonuses for you as well:

  • BONUS 1 – How To Bank Consistent Profits Online For YEARS To Come
  • BONUS 2 – The #1 Secret To Being A Productivity MACHINE
  • BONUS 3 – The Two Hidden Forces In Your Online Biz That Will Almost GUARANTEE You Hit 4-5 Figures/mo Online

And oh I'm not done yet.

I also want to give you...

The '3k Ignition' POWER Sessions
(VALUE: $997)

You are absolutely going to LOVE these Power Sessions...

I have pulled back the curtain on these and revealed some of my very best-kept SECRETS and strategies on exactly how I run my own multi 5-figure per month business.

These Power Sessions alone are EASILY valued at $997.

So there you have it folks.

You've seen all the PROOF.

Hopefully you've been able to see that I actually DO care about your success.

With that said, it's decision-making time.. and I'm gonna make this really easy for you because what you're seeing on this page is actually an Introductory Special for the 3k Ignition System.

I plan on charging $497 for this. That is what this training is worth.

But during this Introductory Special, I'm taking $200 OFF.

...bringing it to just $297.. which is an absolute STEAL for what you're getting - a PROVEN and SUREFIRE 4-figure to 5-figure per month system. One that actually works and does what it says!

You’ll never see the price this low again. That I can promise you.

The 3k Ignition System

Once this Introductory special is over, the buy buttons will be removed and the price will go to $497.

I'm so confident you will love this training and make a TON of money with it. That's exactly what it's done for me. And now it's my time to give back.

Oh and you're of course protected by my:

IRONCLAD "No Hassles"
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy just send me a quick email and I'll refund you. If you go thru the full training, and actually believe you didn’t receive $297 worth of value, there’s nothing more to say to you other than... "It's best we part ways."

I stand behind this 100% and expect you to stand with me.

Speaking of guarantees…

I can guarantee that if you do nothing today and you keep doing the same thing you’re doing, chances are you’ll keep getting the same result you've been getting.

I've personally generated over $2.7 million online.

Need more PROOF? Sure no problem.

Here's over 30,000 sales from one of my accounts...

And another 27,000+ sales...

And $796k from this account...

Bottom line is.. I get results and more importantly I help my students get RESULTS. You're not learning from some wannabe marketer here. You’d be learning (and getting mentored) from someone that is in the trenches and who can actually take you to a STEADY 3k/mo and higher.

I really want to see you break out of a rut and have big BIG success with this system.

Hopefully you've been able to see and feel that by now.

Let's hit (no, CRUSH) your income goals once and for all.

And be sure to grab the $200 off discount before this goes up to $497.

I really look fwd to working with you. Let's do this!



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The 3k Ignition System

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